I own two stunning satin corsets. One is royal blue and black, while the other is demure pink and black. Delicate black lace accents the silky material, and each corset laces from navel to cleavage. Did I mention that both corsets have matching G-strings?

I agree that the idea of a curvy corseted female figure is a classic picture of, well, sex on two legs. I do understand that the corset has other appeals–a woman bound for a man’s pleasure. But that’s not really my concern as the wearer! I have found that the reality of a corset, like other forms of female clothing designed to allure, is far from its pin-up girl ideal. This is why I’ve kicked those beautiful garments to the curb in favor of lacy sheer negligees. 

Corsets shape a woman’s figure with rigid “boning” inside the fabric. When tightly laced, the many seams and stiff insides poke and prod. Negligees, made of soft synthetic fabric, cling where they need to and float everywhere else. Pure comfort.

Negligees are made of see-through fabrics. What’s sexier than seeing, but not seeing, a woman’s body? Corsets, being made of solid fabric, cover much more. Think about it. What do corsets cover? A woman’s best features! Well, I think my girls are pretty spectacular. When corseted, my uncovered bits are, well, not my favorites to show to a man I’m seducing. A negligee lets my girls and curves to show through to a degree, and, like a very short dress, covers my hips and thighs.

Being tightly fitted, corsets are less forgiving as I change sizes. Extra fluffiness pops out to my embarrassment. A corset that fits one month may not fit the following month. Negilees are the epitome of accepting whatever size my body decides to be at the moment.

The biggest problem with a laced-up corset is not the lacing; that’s just for show and a final adjustments. I can’t put a corset on by myself because the additional hooks are in the back. The element of surprise is obliterated because I cannot dress myself. Negligees go over my head in a second, settle into place around my curves with only a quick tug, and voila, I’m a sex bomb. 

I do need to mention here that DH absolutely does not care what I wear before, during, or after sex. Lingerie does not turn him on (!), and he would prefer naked to clothing of any kind. This has always baffled me because most men love lingerie, but lingerie is just not DH’s thing. 

So I buy lingerie for myself. It makes me feel beautiful, and most importantly, ready to entice. If I can put on a negligee, and suddenly appear at the doorway of the room DH is in, he is taken by surprise in a very, very delightful way, which turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. 

I wish I had discovered negligees sooner!

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