Sex after 50 can be hot, loving, frustrating and hilarious. First, there is this stupid aging thing. Plus, the hiccups of real life make having a fulfilling sex life more challenging than ever.


Falling in love is fun but being truly in love after 50 can be your heart, your home, your life. It's also annoying as hell at times. Is love really an action word?


Relationships are a lot of work. Every flippin' day. When you can't connect, your heart aches. When you are in a great place, everything about life is good.

Sexy After 50: what a ride!

I'm not here for fluffy relationship advice and buzz words. I don't believe in fast fixes to tough situations.

I write about real life. I believe in communication and standing in my truth. All I have is my own lessons learned and hope.

Now that I'm over 50, my body and my libido are changing. If you are also of that age, I think you'll be able to relate--or at least get a laugh out of the absurdity of my life and yours at this point.

Did I mention...

A journey isn't the same without a good book and even learning new stuff. So I've got reviews about books I've read and that I think are worth passing on.

I also have a glossary of terms that I use. You may know most of them but not all of them!

Join me on this journey. I'd love to have you read my stories and tell me what's on your mind.


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