To Myself Eight Years Ago,

I just saw a picture of you and I thought dang, girl, you are pretty hot.

I know that that is a foreign idea to you right now and it’s embarrasses you to hear compliments like that. I know that you are trying to make it through every day and be a good mom and wife. You try so hard to be there for your kids through this tough time and there is nothing left at the end of the day. You are doing an excellent job in a situation that would make most women crumble.

The hard years will pass but it will only get better a little at a time. Trust me, you will have hope and contentment again. You will feel centered and settled again. You will be wildly in love, more than ever before. And there are more tears to come, unfortunately. But on the other side, you will find a new excitement in life.

You’re beautiful and you will come to believe that. Well, at least most days you will! You will look back and wonder why didn’t I feel this way before, so full of life, so passionate? Like I said, you were busy doing other things. Your time is coming.

So keep putting one foot in front of the other. Let’s just say you’re going to have a lot of fun–and you deserve it.

–Your Even Sexier Future Self

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