The door to the ladies’ room was locked and so I waited. DH and I were celebrating our 25 year anniversary at a fine dining restaurant. He had the prime rib and I had the crab cakes and cod, accompanied by a bottle of 2015 Cloudline Pinot Noir from Oregon. Fabulous meal.

And now, I had to pee.

I hadn’t been waiting long when the door opened and a man exited the bathroom. Surprised, I looked at him, looked at the sign on the door and looked at him again, amused. Of course, I noticed he was about my age and good looking.

He sputtered, “I thought I could make it in and out quickly.”

I countered, smiling, “Usually we are the ones using the men’s bathroom because there’s a line.” We bantered for a few minutes as he moved out of my way.

As the man walked back to the bar, DH noticed him, as the man shook his head, grinning. That guy has just talked to my wife, DH thought to himself. He knew his gregarious wife would charm any man she ran into. It was her beloved and well-honed hobby.

On the way out of the restaurant, I caught the man’s eye as he sat at the bar. I thought, if I had had the presence of mind, who knows what small sweet memory I could have left him with?!

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