Even though it is dark, I close my eyes so I can concentrate on you–and you alone. I’ve looked forward to this moment all day. Instinctively, I find your mouth with mine. Our lips are agonizingly close but not quite touching. We breathe into each other’s mouth steadily and with measured self control. Then softly, tenderly, our lips barely meet.

These lightest of kisses are heavy with meaning and bliss. You kiss me back sweetly but purposefully like this moment is all you ever need. Just this kiss. Right now.

But tonight, I want you. Badly. I press my lips to yours a little harder, conveying the urgency of what my body is telling me. Together we’re wetter, messier. My body moves to fully contact yours, breasts touching chest, legs intertwined. My free hand moves down the curve of your body. Again and again, insistently, my tongue finds yours.

I want you to understand without a doubt that I adore you. This moment, you have all of me.

And so, I kiss you.

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