Published: 2001
Page Count: 269
Format: Paperback
From the Cover: "The groundbreaking national bestseller about overcoming sexual problems and achieving sexual satisfaction."

You may remember the Berman sisters from 1990s TV–because I do. They were so frank in talking about sex that I found it embarrassing, which had a lot to do with myself primarily. Jennifer is a urologist and Laura is a sex therapist, and they are both cute, blonde, and smart. This book gives excellent information about women’s sexual health, anatomy, and sexuality throughout a woman’s life. The difference is that the authors (rather, their journalist ghost writer) give up-to-date research and examples about what is happening in the field of women’s health at the time of writing. They illustrate their points with experiences of clients and patients of their own.

This is a smaller book but surprisingly comprehensive and covers female sexual response, life stages of sexuality, sexual problems, how to seek help, how to talk to your doctor, and even a high-level history of female sexuality. I’d recommend it, especially if you have any interest in the ongoing development of the women’s health field.

And men, you can read this, too!

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