Tricks to Please a Woman
Title: Tricks to Please a Woman
Published: 2002
Page Count: 148
Format: Paperback
Why stick to meat and potatoes for your sex life when you've got a menu full of appetizers and dessert? Jay Wiseman created his Tricks series of books "to make good sex better." The best of Jay's tricks for pleasing a woman are compiled into this handy volume...along with new information based on recent research into female anatomy, safer sex information, and improvements in sex toys and accessories.

This book made me blush. The book is a list of 125 tricks: some of which I have thought of but not done, some of which I’ve done, some I never want to do, and some — oh, my, let’s go! Here is a sampling:

  • After sex, place a warm wet washcloth on your lover’s genitals.
  • Warm your mouth with a hot liquid before oral sex.
  • Give your partner a facial massage as foreplay.
  • Hold a vibrator to a chopstick that is touching a nipple.
  • Breathe together in the same rhythm as your partner.

Here you will find ideas you hadn’t thought of involving fingers, positions, pillows, vibrators, hands, clothing, and foods. I do like the idea of being carried directly from the shower to the bed and being ravished–talk about my lover desiring me. Oral, anal and kinky tricks are included. From mild to exotic, I promise you will find a new trick here to try. Just remember, not all these tricks work with all women, which is why communication during sex is vital.

Between the chapters of tricks, the author includes safety information, like a toy lost in the vagina is a real thing, and please don’t whip someone over their kidneys. If you are going to be a responsible, respectful lover, I recommend reading this manual cover to cover and not skipping a page.

As a woman, I give my seal of approval to this book! So, which trick is first?…

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