Here’s me, speaking to my gynecologist at a recent annual appointment:

Doctor: Do you have sex?
(I guess that’s a good question. Not everyone has sex, even married people.)

Me: Yes! I had sex last night!
(I was speaking loudly and rather forcefully, but I was excited that after I-don’t-know-how-long, that I had actually screwed my husband.)

Doctor: Good for you!
(She’s perfectly right in celebrating with me. Sex is good for your health and your well-being.)

Me: I know, right?! I probably should masturbate more to keep in practice.
(I never know when DH and I are going to have sex again these days, so to keep my parts in functioning order, I’ve read that masturbation is actually really good for you, even if you are not in a relationship.)

Doctor: Well, you don’t want to masturbate too much.
(What? I was only talking about maybe once a week!)

Doctor: Because it can mess up your sex life. When it’s time to have sex, the urge isn’t there.
(Well, I do know that, because I used to masturbate more and if I spent my orgasm load on masturbating and then it was time to have sex, it was harder to get there and have another orgasm.)

I talk to my gynecologist about anything. She is smart and I like her. Every woman and man should have a health professional like that in their life. DH does. He respects our family doctor and takes his advice (but doesn’t take mine all the time, that’s for sure). 

Your sex life is no different. If there is an issue in the bedroom, the first place to check is always with your doctor to eliminate health problems first. They will keep your conversations private, even from your spouse.

As we age, there is always something, right?! A doctor, a specialist, or even a counselor can be invaluable for health information. Maybe you need to have your prostate checked. Maybe you should consider short-term hormone replacement therapy. 

I don’t know if you want to talk to your doctor about masturbation but isn’t it nice to have a knowledgeable and trustworthy person in your corner?

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