The biting wind reminded me that fall was on its way out, soon to be replaced by winter snow and cold rain. DH shuffled through the back door, arms full of wood for the wood stove. Soon, sultry heat slowly warmed the living room. I realized that DH had lit the season’s first fire!

Several minutes later, DH walked past me as I was cooking in the kitchen.

DW (throwing my arms around DH’s neck): I didn’t know you were making a fire. I love a fire!

DH: I know why.

DW: Why?!

DH (grinning widely): Because it reminds you of fucking in front of the fireplace.

DW (screeching): YES!

DH (pausing): You’re beautiful.

And he kissed me. DH knows me. He gets me.

What We Do: We use at least one fluffy comforter/bedspread and several blankets. Pillows are a must for me. The unique location and the warmth of the fire makes the sex hot every time. And that’s one secret to keeping intimacy fresh: novelty.

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