I’m attracted to men who are dads. I mean, really attracted. I’m talking about the average guy I see in the grocery store whom I know nothing about. I look for dads, see if I can catch their eye, and give them my Mona Lisa smile. Well, a girl needs a hobby.

So I started thinking about why I like “average” guys so much.

  1. Good dads are humble. They have a sense of humor about themselves. When something goes wrong, they talk it out and get over it.
  2. Good dads are kind and patient. They have dealt with kids and kid’s activities as well as co-workers, and they know how to be firm but encouraging.
  3. Good dads are wise. They understand that it’s better to not speak at times and just listen. Life has thrown them some curve balls and they have learned from each one.
  4. Good dads have expectations and drive, but not over the top. They work hard and play harder. They want a partner who does the same.
  5. Good dads do not claim to know everything or be perfect. But they are smart enough to know when they don’t know something. They ask for help, advice and occasionally directions.
  6. Good dads have dad bods and some grey hair but are still confident. I don’t mind a tummy. I have one, too. But the best part is, they are forgiving of women’s bodies as we age and what we consider imperfections. They see beyond the physical.
  7. Good dads are good in bed. They listen to what their partner says and what her body says. They want to please their partner because they know it will come back to them tenfold. They adore women and there is at least one sex act that they relish. They are lusty and have desire for their partner.
  8. Good dads understand marriage is not easy. But they keep giving to their partner in the best way they know how at the time.

Am I describing an unattainable ideal? Maybe. But it’s my fantasy, so I can project it on any dad who catches my eye in the store, or the coffee shop, or at work….

Am I describing DH? I guess I am. He’s a good dad in every sense, and that’s very sexy.


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