I’m not feeling sexy right now. I’m preoccupied with bills, kids, chores.

I want to feel sexy. So badly. To feel that confidence. To have a mental tingle. Adrenaline surging, having its way with me.

I’ve had times where sexy was in the On position all the time. My mind and body were attuned to stimulation, always seeking the next rush and sweet release.

But my body is changing. Sleep and temperature control elude me. Worry has no outlet.

I’m dismayed when I realize it’s been days since I felt sexy, truly alive with anticipation. I don’t feel like touching myself. I don’t even want to try to seduce DH. I know his libido is slipping, too. Dammit.

And then I have a respite. The stars in my mind and body align. Real life ebbs into background noise. Desire beckons its friend Arousal for a dance. And we are off, swirling and dipping and vibrating and laughing.

I want to feel this way every day. I don’t think that’s too much to ask.

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