It wasn’t a proper tying up and he knew it. He had grabbed one of his ties—blue with a white diamonds. He roughly pushed my hands above my head and wound the tie around my wrists, whispering fiercely that if I moved one muscle, he would immediately stop pleasuring me.

He laid a black piece of satin over my eyes that we had used as a makeshift blindfold. I was not bound, not immobile. Maybe that is what was so sexy about the moment. I know he was “tying” me in the manner I preferred. He had learned that I wanted to be able to escape. He knew my desires and that was exciting to me. The combination of this new experiment and the anticipation of pleasure shot adrenaline through my entire body.

He kissed my breasts, my midriff, gently moving down my body, slowly and deliberately. I flinched in anticipation. “Don’t move,” he commanded harshly. I could see under the edge of my blindfold but I shut my eyes tightly. The lack of sight and the need to hold still made me listen more intently—for his commands and to his movements. I did not speak, as he pushed my knees apart and I finally felt his mouth on me, a rare treat. I was quiet until I could not help but moan and utter my delight. I wanted this heaven to last as long as possible, to the inevitable end. And it was glorious.

I know my darling husband has spent time researching and thinking about how to please me. I also think this was a what-the-hell, spur of the moment experiment and one that went very well indeed. One that I would like to repeat.

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