On a whim, I posted this on social media: “For the past few years, I have told my hairdressers to let the grey show. We call the silver strands ‘platinum highlights.’ Dyeing them away is a losing battle, after all…”

I added a photo of a beautiful and sexy woman, with long platinum hair, pulled back from her face. My point was that her hair (dyed, ironically) was stunning.

Responses filled my page.

“If I looked like that, I’d let my hair go natural, too”

“I don’t have high cheekbones like her.”

“I will never be thin like her.”

“Hair dyes are toxic” (okay, that’s a good point)

If I had not posted the photo, the response would have been completely different. But the respondents — all women — see a model, compare themselves and, in the blink of an eye, find themselves lacking.

Point #1: When you compare yourself, you always come out “less than”. It’s such a destructive, unconscious habit. Tomorrow, tell yourself that you are fabulous! (Men, maybe you want to use a manlier word than fabulous.)

Point #2: I’m going to embrace silver hair gracefully, slowly, naturally. I want long, luscious curls  cascading down my back. I want to be a head-turner in a tight black turtleneck and equally tight Levis.

Let’s focus on our strengths. Kick up the mischievous gleam in our eye. Live passionately…with any color of hair, at any age.

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