The Return of Desire
Title: The Return of Desire
Published: 2008
Page Count: 213
Format: Paperback
Dr. Gina Ogden shows you how to: open up to the four energies that spark desire, create heart-to-heart communication with your partner; Transcend guilt, shame and "good girls don't" message; Help heal the sexual wounds of abuse, addition, affairs and low self-esteem; and enjoy sexual pleasure throughout your life span--from new love, to parenthood, and into your golden years.

Historically, talking about sex has begun with men, and this book explores a woman’s reality. The female author/therapist has surveyed over 3,800 women about their attitudes, thoughts and feelings about sex and relationships, and the resulting book is for all women, with or without a partner.

It begins with the richness and complexity of what women want, then dives into the reasons women say “no” to sex. The section about sexual desire and sacred union was my least favorite. I believe that sex can have a spiritual component but I have not experienced it to the degree that the author describes. What men want in bed, babies, affairs, abuse and more is covered because many things affect a woman’s level of desire and each woman is unique and special.

The intertwining theme is desire–how it can bubble up and overflow, enriching our lives beyond the bedroom. Bringing the fullness of sexual desire into your life is a unique journey that can be yours at any age. This author is speaking to me where I live deep down in my soul. Lust, love and everything in between–it’s not an easy topic but she has covered the topic pretty darn thoroughly.

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