The Other Side of Desire
Title: The Other Side of Desire
Published: 2010
Page Count: 203
Format: Paperback
"Four Journeys into the Far Realms of Lust and Longing. How do we come to be who we are sexually? How do we cope with the forces of desire? Award-winning writer Daniel Bergner looks for answers in the stories of four people whose unusual desires raise fascinating questions about the erotic difference between men and women and the nature of ecstasy itself."

Writing like Bergner’s is the type I love: journalistic observation at its keenest in sharp detail. Bergner shows us four character studies about two men and two women who have desires outside the norm.

Paraphrased from the introduction, the four people are: An advertising executive who was drawn erotically to amputees. A female sadist looking for a connection while wounding her clients. A traveling salesman and devoted husband whose fetish brought him ecstasy and abasement, and a band leader obsessed with by his young stepdaughter.

It’s a good read with fascinating characters. You will feel something–sympathy, revulsion, understanding, disgust–about the four people in this book and the cast that surrounds each of them.

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