The New Male Sexuality
Title: The New Male Sexuality
Published: 1992
Page Count: 654
Format: Paperback
"...addresses the most urgent questions of men today -- and the women who love them. Bernie Zilbergeld reports findings from his 20 years as a psychologist specializing in human sexuality, as well as those of other experts in the field, and shares his own and his clients' experiences."

I love men. Which is why I was willing to slog through this hefty paperback. The odd title is saying, confusingly, that this is an update to the original Male Sexuality. When this book was updated in 1992, there was still angst over changing gender roles, and perhaps there still is today. But it was difficult to get through the first section since the author is not terribly kind to women. Granted, women can be hard to live with, but I didn’t see the same magnifying glass applied to men and their foibles (although with a largely male audience, that’s not the point).

Beyond that, this is a solid book packed with good information. Everything from physiology, aging, communication, and why your dingle dangle doesn’t do what it used to. The author includes plenty of examples from his 20-plus year practice of counseling men and couples. Medical advice is covered, although it is dated and he is not a physician. But Zilbergeld gives detail about a man’s psychology and how talk therapy with homework can work for sex and relationship issues.

Most importantly, he debunks sexual myths and focuses on desire and arousal, pleasure instead of performance, and keeping sex exciting and fulfilling.

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