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Published: 1982
Page Count: 236 p.
Format: Paperback
"The G Spot... What is it? Where is it? Here is the book that answers all your question sabout the Grafenberg spot - the vaginal orgasmic trigger. The authors show you how to find it, stimulate it and use it to discover a pleasure so intense, it will add a whole new dimension to your life....the most talked about guide to human sexuality since Kinsey."

I have never known much about the G spot. What I knew: insert finger into vagina, hook it back and ta da, there is the g-spot, somewhere on the belly side of the vagina. As early as 1944, German doctor Ernst Gräfenberg, along with his American colleague, Robert Dickinson, described a woman’s “zone of erogenous feeling.” Further work by Kinsey and Masters and Johnson amplified on what this zone was. The authors of this book, spurred on by research in the late 1970s, further defined the presence of what we now call the G spot.

This is a fascinating read, if you are interested in female and male sexual function and physiology. The book delves into different types of orgasm, female ejaculation, and how all the nerves and organs intersect and interact. Published in 1982, the authors outline their own research and the experiences of women who all say the same thing: the G spot exists. This, however, is highly subjective to each woman.

But research still does not prove the existence of a singular structure that can be identified as the G spot. In fact, it may be just the area where the the clitoris, the urethra, and the vagina come together. Today, there still is not conclusive evidence that it is a definable structure. Anecdotally and culturally, it “exists” but scientifically, nope.

Nevertheless, reading about this subject is educational and may make you think differently about all the wonderful nerves, muscles and impulses in the entire area. (This book is even useful to men. Women and men aren’t so different after all, physiologically!)

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