Sex Matters for Women
Title: Sex Matters for Women
Published: 2002
Page Count: 375
Format: Paperback
“A Complete Guide to Taking Care of Yourself”. When it comes to matters of sex, women today are trapped in a reality gap--portrayed by the media as confident and fulfilled, yet struggling in everyday life with sexual myths, self-doubt, and 'embarrassing' questions. Now women can find the answers they need... This book presents solid, science-based information on the topics that everyone is talking about--and those that aren't talked about enough...

I bought this book because I met one of the author’s students. I struck up a conversation with a woman who recommended this book by three University of Michigan faculty members. A counselor and sex therapist, she was a student of coauthor Sallie Foley (allegedly!). And I was glad for the suggestion because I had picked the book up and set it down again.

I would highly recommend this book to any woman. It begins with understanding your own sexual story and why that is important. The informative sections include body knowledge, issues with sex including disability, male sexuality, creating a good sexual relationship, and overcoming sexual difficulties. Examples are given in the form of client stories, and questions are peppered throughout the book that made me think. A thorough appendix includes not only resources but exercises for growth.

We all need to be aware of basic sexual information, and this is one book that provides it.

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