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Published: 1993
Page Count: 248
Format: Hardcover
"Every woman's guide to pleasure and beyond... Introduces fresh insights and possibilities for enhancing sexual pleasure. The exploration of the mind-body-spirit connection to sexuality is provocative, exciting and new. This new universe of pleasure enriches not only their sexual relationships but every aspect of their lives."

Think of a time when you were so absorbed in a movie, book or scenery that you lost track of the time and place for a while. That feeling of transportation is central to understanding this book. The author of this book, a sex therapist and researcher, found that some of her clients–quite ordinary women–told about sexual experiences that were beyond the ordinary, extraordinary heights of ecstasy and fulfillment.

Through interviews and personal stories, Dr. Scantling discusses her scientific study of these women and their sex lives. More importantly, the second half of the book becomes a “self help” method to discover your own sexual potential. I was interested in this book because I have had my own orgasmic highs in which I’ve seen colors and shapes–something I can’t describe very well and have only heard one other woman describe.

Once you examine your sensory experiences, you will know if you are in the low, medium, or high “absorber” category. This book is not only about practical exercises to increase the quality of your sexual life but is about how you think and feel. And when it comes to sex, thinking and feeling (like letting go of inhibitions and fully enjoying pleasure) is the key to super sex.

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