Come with me to my local Starbucks. The dark brown leather couches in the back and the two-top tables are always full. So we’ll sit at that lone table over by the front door, coffees in hand. The table is sort of breezy but has a great vantage point for this game.

This is how my game works. I sit with my back to the front door. I know that a lot of 20s come here in the afternoon for their mid-afternoon caffeine. A few of those men are interesting and interested. But my target is the 40s and 50s men who come here in pairs to have meetings away from their office cubes. They are dressed in business casual clothes, all wearing wedding rings. As they begin walking out, throwing away their cups, discussing the last few details of their project, they have to walk the length of this building to the front door where we are sitting.

In each pair, I chose the man who appears the most open. As he approaches, I make direct eye contact. Friendly and curious, I smile with my half smile so that he knows my smile is meant for him, no one else. He holds my gaze for about two seconds before moving out the door.

I’m looking for the one that will acknowledge me. Look, there is one that has a nice haircut (I love a good haircut) and is wearing a sharp checked button down. I spot him, look down for a second, and then look up casually when he begins walking toward us. Direct gaze. Half smile. Open and approachable body language. He looks at me for the predictable two seconds and then a slight look of confusion passes over his face. But then I get what I came for. The genuine smile from him to me. SCORE! That’s what I’m talking about, baby.

He is gone in a second and I give you a high five. I hope he has a better day because an unknown woman took the time to smile at him. C’mon, let’s go do this at the mall now.

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