I was waiting for DH in the bedroom, a little tipsy from the red Zinfandel I finished off and buck naked.  I had applied some lube to the area that needed it the most these days. DH entered the bedroom softly, pulled his shirt over his head, and farted. “Did you just fart?” I asked. 

“No, the dog did,” he replied. The dog, of course, was not in the bedroom. Because who wants animal spectators?!

When he was also buck naked, DH laid on his back in bed, pulled the covers up and closed his eyes. Which is my cue to scoot over. Which I did. In 30 seconds, I was on top of him. His invitation a few hours earlier had been to “ride my cock” so that’s what I did. Concentrating on the feeling inside and listening to his body. More lube. More up and down. More lube. 

Finally we were getting into a rhythm that we could both feel hit all the right spots. In and out, up and down. DH called me a cockslut and asked who I wanted to have sex with…

HANG ON! I have to interject here with some backstory. In the past year, DH has allowed the elderly tabby to sleep with us. The cat’s delicate paws also transport cat litter into the bed and two sharp pieces of gravel were slicing my right knee.

“Just a minute!” I said. “Cat litter!” I stopped grinding on DH, and brushed off my knee. Didn’t help. Brushed it again. Problem solved.

I rode him until he was ready, then he flipped me on his back. The tension built until we both released intense orgasms. My orgasm was expanding when I started laughing from deep within. A hearty, loud belly laugh that couldn’t be stopped. Then DH started laughing, too. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Joy and overflowing emotion and the stress of our lives were all expelled in one sound. A giggle-gasm.

And that, my friends, is what sex and loving should be. Messy. Silly. Happy.

…and a note on the photo. Surprise, but that is not yours truly on DH. I use free stock photos and try not to choose pictures of perfect bodies and young people because that’s not what this blog is about. Let’s be honest, we jiggle when we have sex. But I like this image. So there you go!

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