Recently, DH and I had a hot round of sex. Which is extraordinary because it was like the eye of the hurricane we find our lives inside of right now. The candlelight coitus was accompanied by whispered naughty fantasies about a man I know. And it was good, very good.

Later, I said, “Why can’t we just have sex sometimes, just us two? Like normal, old fashioned sex? No dirty talk?”

DH sighs and said, “You know, when we first were married, I would say, ‘Let’s make love.’ You would make a face and say, ‘Let’s just have sex.’

“Now the tables are turned. You say, “Can’t we make love? Cuddling? Spooning?’ But I just want to have sex, raw sex. I just want to get my rocks off!”

This, my friends, is the evolution of marriage.

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