DH was watching TV and waited while I thoroughly kissed him all over his face. I  wanted to do so much more than kiss. The conversation went like this:

DH: You realize I’m being really patient right now…

DW: …and you realize I am holding back, like, a lot.

And so it goes. Years ago, DH was the horny one and waited for time with his wife while I spent my energy on the kids and house. Now that the kids are older, the tables have turned. My libido is out of control, while his sexual peak was years ago. But we both still have desire and love. We both enjoy sex which can be hot and fast, or slow and luxurious.

On another late afternoon, I was home from work, talking to DH in the kitchen.

DW: I was reading my book about women and sex last night…

DH: Uuuhh.

DW: …and guess what a woman’s best decade for sex is? (pause for effect) HER SIXTIES!

DH (realizing he has another 20 years of an oversexed wife): Fuuuccckkkkkk! …Kill me now.

I don’t feel sorry for him one iota. He really doesn’t have a choice.

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