It was late and I had just started programming the treadmill in our bedroom.

DH walked toward me with intent on his face. He pulled up my shirt and yanked down my bra, extracting my right breast, as I giggled and shrieked, still standing on the treadmill. DH took the nipple in his mouth, circled it with his tongue, then sucked hard. Finally he let go and walked away, not a word uttered. I started walking on the treadmill, rubbing my breast with my hand. “That hurt,” I said.

β€œIt knows it’s been sucked, doesn’t it?” he said.

I paused. ” The other one feels lonely,” I said.

DH stopped and turned, reaching me quickly. I knew what was coming so I stopped the treadmill. More quickly this time, he found my left nipple and gave it a harder suck than the previous one. “OUCH!” I was giggling and groaning at the same time.

He finished the deed and stood beside me, and then kissed me sweetly. I threw my arms around his neck and kissed him back.

Satisfied that he had done his job, he walked back to the bed as I rubbed the left breast to return the circulation to the nipple.

In hindsight, I love these silly, lustful moments. When we are in a good spot, we are playful. Over time, our sense of adventure and our sense of humor has evolved. And DH continues to delight and surprise me. He obviously knows what I like, too…

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