I have gotten some interesting questions over the years. These are just a few.

Are you real?

Yes. I am a real woman, with a real husband named DH. We have kids, a house and pets. All our cars are white. I cook Chinese and watch reality TV. DH likes to smoke meat and watch the Tour de France. DH drinks IPA craft beers and I prefer a bold and busty red wine.

Why do you use “DH” and “DW”?

I started calling hubby “DH” years ago on social media. It was anonymous and just easier. I also call myself “DW”. As in, darling wife and darling husband. While I know they are common abbreviations, I have been using them so long that they feel like our real names! We started dating in 1989.

Is this site erotica?

This writing is all mine, and it’s all true. Wait, the category called Whispers might have a little fantasy mixed into it. Otherwise, consider it all to really have happened to me. To be honest, I don’t read erotica so please don’t send me yours.

Have you always been this sexual?

Looking back, I would say, yes but I didn’t own my sexuality, and DH has called me a prude in years past! My out-of-control libido has been a development in the last several years. This is just me, at this time in my life. And no, I don’t give lessons to other wives.

What do you do in real life?

In my day job, I am a writer and editor. This blog is the “real” me — my outlet and my passion. I don’t intend to give advice but it’s a compulsion. I also don’t know it all, but I’m reading as fast as I can to learn as much as I can.

Okay, so what is your best advice for couples?

Talk. Talk about everything. Talk honestly. Talk often. Talk until your asses fall off. And then talk some more.

…and no, that pic at the top of the page is not me. I’ll take some more pics–someday!

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