As I passed DH in our home’s mudroom, I saw he had the black Rabbit in his hand.

“I’m going to try to fix it one last time,” he explained.

The trusty vibrator had died at a most inopportune time while in my care. I hoped that DH could bring my favorite back to life. He had already fixed it twice. The charging mechanism had been replaced by two wires that had to be carefully twisted around the corresponding wires of the charging plug-in. Consequently, those protruding wires also had to be negotiated during use.

Later, I went out to the garage. “I threw it away,” DH said. “I couldn’t fix it anymore.”

Incredulous, I went and looked in the trash can but didn’t see it. “Where is it?” I said, thinking he was teasing me again.

“I put it in the bag so no one would see it,” he said patiently. “I couldn’t get to the part I needed to fix because of the Gorilla Glue I used last time.”

Dammit. Another one bites the dust. But my philosophy is that it is healthier to wear them out than to let them get dusty.

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