As Time Goes By
Title: As Time Goes By
Published: 2009
Page Count: 275
Format: Hardback
"Today's 50-plus men and women are raising the bar on romantic satisfaction. They are more likely to break up an unhappy liaison than previous generations; they are more innovative in finding ways to enrich their relationships. Trafford deftly narrates what it means to love and to be loved in the decades after midlife--and she provides solutions to the most common problems that define this time of life."


Boomerang marriages, serial spouses and throwback couples. We all know what they are: starting out together, parting and reuniting; moving from partner to partner, an ebb and flow of intimacy; and rediscovering someone from your past. But unless it has happened to you, do you really know what all the variations on the theme of romance in our bonus years is like? Probably not.

That is why I found this book so fascinating. Trafford has interviewed hundreds of people to get their intimate personal stories about love as they age. She points out that we are living in an age where we have 10 “bonus” years, compared to previous generations. With that extra time, we also are deciding to “do” love and sex our way this time.

Trafford’s observations of the human condition at 50 and beyond that we can all relate to make it a gem and a privilege to read.

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