I have a story for DH tonight. It’s beer30 time, our own personal nightly happy hour. I am sitting in a plastic chair outside, drinking box wine from a stemmed glass, while DH leans against the car, drinking his bottled IPA, in his half-listening mode.

DW (me): So I went to my new neurologist this morning, and my blood pressure was kind of high but that’s just probably because it was a new office. That happens to me at doctor’s offices.

DH (him): Nuh huh.

DW: And my new doctor is a woman, I’ve never had a woman neurologist before…(pausing) …and she’s HOT!

DH (grinning and not skipping a beat): So you were attracted to her?

DW (screeching): YES! She had on this tight little dress, a great figure and was so cute!… How did you guess?

DH: So was there a two-way spark?

DW (contemplating): …well, I don’t know…

DH: Well, is there ever a one-way spark? Think of all the men you’ve had sparks with, was it one-way? No, it’s always two-way. So was it a two-way spark?

DW: …I don’t know, I think so…

DH laughs loudly and long at his bi-questioning, sexually hyper-aware wife.

Reflections by DW: The way we were seated at the appointment, I guess I did check her out because, well, I could. There were a couple moments where I thought, do I sense something between us? Shit, I have a girl crush on my doctor?! Good thing I only see her once a year. Ugh!